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"My electric hammer always strikes for a while, but doesn’t strike once, which seriously affects work efficiency?"
2021-08-05 09:53:36

Not long after the resumption of production and work, a friend came over to ask this question. At this time, are you reading this article, are you encountering the same problem? Don’t worry, look down and help you recover the impact easily
Electric hammer is a widely used electric tool, mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor slabs, brick walls and stone.
In daily use, it is inevitable that you will not encounter some failures. There are two main types of common failures. One is electrical failure, such as short circuit, open circuit, grounding, etc.; the other is mechanical failure, and non-impact or impulsive weakness is a mechanical failure. . Tracing back to the source, then what is the cause of the failure?
In fact, the reason is very simple. The main reason for non-impact is the aging of the rubber ring on the piston and the hammer, or the lack of lubricating grease.
How to judge whether the rubber ring is aging?
Put the big cylinder upright with its mouth facing down. If the hammer can fall freely, the rubber ring must be aging. In addition, when the rubber ring is aging, you can hear the sound of the piston and the hammer hitting each other, and you can find that the end faces of the piston and the hammer are shiny after disassembly.
How to solve this situation?
It is also very simple to deal with this situation. If there is a lack of lubricating grease, just add lubricating oil; if the apron is aging, just replace the apron. specific methods:
The first step is to remove the screws of the switch and cylinder
The second step is to open the lid of the butter
The third step is to take out the connecting rod and piston inside, and then replace it with a new piston apron
Finally, follow the steps to install back one by one, and then try
If you still fail to try the above-mentioned method, it is not the problem of the aging of the apron. In fact, there are many reasons for the non-impact, which will be decomposed next time.


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