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Do you know the performance characteristics of electric wrenches?
2021-08-05 09:38:31

As the name suggests, the electric torsion shear wrench is an indispensable tool for the tightening of torsion shear plum head bolts. It helps you to install and remove bolts and nuts, and at the same time can more accurately control the tightening torque. Using the fixed torque of the bolt, when the wrench reaches a certain torque, the torx part of the bolt can be cut. The torque accuracy and axial tension are guaranteed by the fixed torque V-shaped notch of the bolt. The disassembly and assembly torque is large, and it is safer and more reliable than manual. Convenient, beautiful, practical, and easy to carry with the car. It is widely used in the construction of steel structure bridges, workshops, power generation equipment and other facilities.

Features of electric wrench:
(1) Long service life
(2) Good heat dissipation of the handle and case material
(3) High power
(4) Strong impact resistance
(5) The most cost-effective hand-to-use

Electric torsion shear wrench is a tool for final tightening of torsion shear type high-strength bolts. Generally, there are electric torsion shear wrenches and manual torsion shear wrenches. Among them, electric torsion shear wrenches are more common.

Application of torsion shear wrenches: the initial tightening of torsion shear type high-strength bolts can use impact electric wrench or fixed torque wrench, and the final tightening must use torsion shear wrenches, so torsion shear wrenches are specially designed for final tightening of torsion shear type high-strength bolts.

The use of torsion shear wrench: the torsion shear wrench is mainly used for final tightening of torsion shear type high-strength bolts, and its purpose is to interrupt the torsion shear type high-strength bolts. When working, align the head of the wrench with the head of the bolt and pull the switch to start working. After a few seconds, the bolt head will be twisted, and then pull out the wrench and pull the trigger to eject the head, which means the end of the work.

Features of torsion shear wrenches: convenient operation, time-saving and labor-saving, safe and convenient.


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