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Why buy industrial-grade pliers? What is the difference between industrial grade pliersordinary pliers?
2021-08-05 09:29:16

There are many types of pliers and a wide range of uses. They are an indispensable hand tool for pinching and cutting workpieces in assembly, repair and installation work in various industries.
The same pliers, what is the difference between industrial grade pliers and ordinary pliers? Why do many people prefer to buy industrial-grade pliers at a high price instead of cheap pliers? That's right, let's talk about the magical charm of industrial-grade pliers!

01 What is the difference between industrial grade pliers and other pliers?

Ordinary pliers are commonly used, such as: ordinary home maintenance, disassembly, installation, etc., suitable for use by people who are not frequently used, or have low strength, and do not require high pliers. The requirements in terms of material selection, production technology, and processing accuracy are not very high, and some deviations may exist.
Different from other pliers, industrial-grade pliers adopt a single-piece processing technology, which is higher in processing precision and matching accuracy, and more mature in terms of material selection and production technology. Industrial-grade pliers not only overcome the shortcomings of traditional pliers such as high price and large error, but also improve the flexibility and comfort of the pliers, and also extend the service life of the pliers.

02Three advantages of industrial grade pliers

An ordinary pliers, used in ordinary households, may not be broken for decades, but for repair shops that are repeatedly used every day and are used with high intensity, I believe it will soon "sacrifice heroically." At this time, you need pliers that can withstand the test—industrial-grade pliers. Industrial-grade pliers can give people a good experience in terms of efficiency, performance, and comfort.

Shearing is stronger. Industrial-grade pliers are made of better materials than ordinary pliers. They are forged with high-quality materials at high temperature and have higher hardness, sharp cutting edges and stronger cutting.
The clamping is more stable. The single-piece processing technology makes the tooth pattern more precise, plus the flexible opening, the bite is easy and the clamping is more stable.

Industrial-grade pliers are like a doctor's scalpel. They are accurate and efficient. They can be used for spacious maintenance and can be used flexibly in a small space. Each function is excellent and unambiguous.

More comfortable to use. Due to the high frequency of use, high strength and long working time of the pliers, more attention is paid to the user experience in the manufacturing process, and more user-friendly designs, such as ergonomic design, non-slip, environmentally friendly and comfortable handles, improve the comfort of use To reduce fatigue.


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