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How to use the saw? The old carpenter teaches you super practical methods
2021-08-05 10:45:20
How to use steel frame saw
Before using, check if the saw teeth are sharp,
And whether the connection between the saw blade and the handle is firm.
In addition, pay attention to whether the saw blade is installed evenly and whether it is twisted;
The tightness of the saw blade should also be appropriate,
Otherwise, it is easy to cause the saw blade to break and the saw seam is not straight.
Check the tightness of the saw blade,
Generally speaking, the saw blade is hard to feel by hand.
If there is oil on the saw, it must be wiped off before use
First of all, the sawing is the beginning of the cutting,
Its quality directly affects the quality of sawing.
Therefore, when starting the saw, the angle between the saw blade and the surface of the workpiece should be small.
15° is appropriate. If the angle is too large, the saw teeth will be caught by the edge of the workpiece.
When starting the saw, the pressure should be low, the speed should be slow, and the reciprocating stroke should be short.
Secondly, push saw, for different workpieces, push saw methods are different.
For workpieces with straight bottoms and thin-walled workpieces,
Straight-line motion method suitable for sawing a bow with a saw blade
For workpieces with thick walls, the method of swinging up and down with a saw blade is used.
Because this can reduce cutting resistance.
Finally, pay attention to the receipt when the saw and the workpiece are to be broken. At this time, the force should be small and the speed should be slowed down.
Hold the part to be cut with your left hand and cut it off directly.
In addition, pay attention to the saw body should be kept flat during use, and do not bend, so as not to deform the saw body. At the same time, pay attention to the direction of the saw's force, apply force when the saw is pushed out, and relax when it is pulled back.
Hold the saw handle tightly with your right hand and lightly hold the front end of the saw bow with your left hand.
When sawing, the right hand mainly controls the movement of the saw bow.
Use your left hand with your right hand to stabilize the saw bow,
When pushing the saw, apply light pressure, and the left hand plays a supporting role.
When sawing back, no pressure is applied.
(Of course some saws don’t need the aid of the other hand)
Standing posture
Standing while cutting, the operator's body deflects about 45°,
Take a short half-step forward with your left foot, with your weight centered on your right foot, and your feet should stand firm naturally.
The line of sight falls on the cutting line of the workpiece.
After use
After using it, remember to clean the sawtooth and wipe it dry.
Then rub some oil to prevent it from rusting.
When the saw is not in use, the saw should be returned to the tool rack or in the tool box.

Safety Precautions
Pass the saw:
When passing the saw, use the saw handle to the person,
Do not aim the saw teeth at others, so as not to hurt them.
Grinding saw:
After sawing for a long time, it needs to be sharpened.
At this time, the serrations are not on the same straight line,
Single, double, left and right are separated.
Therefore, you can use a triangular file to sharpen the saw,
Pull out along each zigzag, down
Grind one side and grind the other side.
Carrying saw:
For folding saws, the saw body is folded back to the saw handle and placed in an artificial shell or backpack.
The bow saw can be removed and carried or put in a holster.
Or use a rubber hose to cut and saw the length of one piece,
Cut one side of the water pipe and set the saw teeth to become a protection pin.
Take it with tape or rope outside to avoid hurting people.


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